Computer requirements

computer requirements

Once we have taken our photographs, and sometimes that can be in huge numbers, we now want to extract the best results from our efforts. For some people this simply means placing a chosen snap in the best social media site to gain the largest amount of likes, shares, re-tweets or other such interactions. For others the process can be far more personal and interactive. This can include choosing the most suitable digital photograph and applying the various filters, cuts, framing, balance, tone, shading, re-sizing and other such effects that produce a final outcome to be appreciated and presented in the most suitable setting.

Whether you are from the first group or those at the other end of the scale you will still require some form of computer software to carry out the work. For those who want to spend more time and do more with their images in terms of how you produce, change, store and share your photographs you will need to consider the necessity of a personal computer or laptop along with editing software that can accommodate your requirements.

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